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putting out the word about Best Bully /Goon Squad all over the internet! Twitter, Face book, Consumer report, FTC, BBB, on and on!

Bought a computer from Best Buy for $450. 18 mo later the "on off button" not working. Took to Geek Squad, have IN WRITING estimated repair of $106. Seemed steep for the button but agreed to the price in JULY 2011,6 weeks later got a CALL from the GoonSquad to come pick up the computer for$667 bill!

I said..."you must have the wrong computer, my estimate was $106 can I get a fax or email with the... repair itemization?" GoonSquad: "no, you have to pay the bill first and then you can get the invoice/itemization."I say WT HECK? that is unethical! I have spoken to numerous Best Bully and Goon Squad reps, and no one will honor my contract, showing $106.

THEY SAY that they have agreement for repairs at $667. I ask for proof, anything in writing? NOPE. anything on voice recording?

NOPE. just the goon squad notes in their computer saying someone in my family agreed to the $667 NOT trust them or pay for their rotten service. Our family will NEVER buy anything from Best Bully or Goon Squad again!

BTW they sent me a letter stating we abandoned the item and have 30 days to pay up or lose it! GoonSquad!

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Hey ANON, you are 100% incorrect. My story is exactly as stated, and I did not misunderstand anything.

The "motherboard" had no problem. You think you know it all, but you don't know anything! I fought as stated, posted my complaint all over the internet, and it took 4 months of struggles, but, finally!! someone from the company headquarters was alerted to my whistle blowing- mind blowing campaign to expose their rotten tactics...and I was contacted by a store manager that actually cared.

He looked into the matter, found out every detail I posted here, and more...too much to type up for the likes of you, ANON...APOLOGIZED and offered we come pick up the computer with a new button/switch free of charge.

Simple, finally someone who "gets it". So Anon, keep your asinine opinions to yourself, especially since you have no idea what transpired, You just look like a buffoon.


The power button? In my years of working on computers i cant remember a single one where I replace a plastic button and the computer worked.

It was probably your mother board or power supply. Also the $100 was your Deposit for shipping and "$100" worth of repairs.

The service center calls and tells you "Hello *your name* We have determined this is what is wrong with your computer and it will cost this much for parts and labor." You must have said yes thinking you were getting the $700 in repairs for your initial $100 deposit. Sucky boat to be in but it sounds like its 100% your fault for not understanding ANYTHING.


All of you guys that work for GeekSquad have no actual qualifications, no understanding of the actual inner-workings of a computer and wouldn't know how to replace a key on a keyboard without having to read some kind of dictionary sized help manual. You guys should also remove the "For Dummies" books from the view of your customers. Doesn't really inspire much confidence to see a basic computer repair book on your workbench!

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357120

this is why im glad my bf is a computer nerd and i dont ever have to worry about getting screwed by these a**holes. he told me to never go to them because they will overcharge u for the simplest of tasks.

best buy is a rip too, the associates are nice but thats what they are paid for. (and i know cause i used to work retail and its pure evil lmao)


The paper you have is an estimate. Thats it.

Your power button was probably not the only thing broken and someone in your family has to approve the repairs.

Everytime I call a phone number the service order with that number attached to it registers a contact note on the service order. Our prices might be *** but they wont approve a repair without someone giving them approval.

to Geek Squad Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #599594

Last time I looked BB was NOT on the list of companies exhibiting ethical behavior. I'm glad they are going under!

It's about time! Oh, and by the way, if you should mention on your job app for my computer repair store, that you worked for BB, it will instantly be thrown in the trash!

I happen to appreciate my customers and want them to recommend me to their friends. Customers are not always easy butu having them gives me a job I love doing.

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