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After running a scan of the compromised computer system issued by the Department of Rehabilitation, Employment, and Training, on 4/11/2009; and approved by the DETR supervisor, the vendor was a government contractor from Best Buy. The scan revealed all of the s*** I did not want on my computer for DETR services, this is a spyware/malware system that was intionally sabatoged by cybercriminals at Best Buy and approved by the DETR supervisor.

I know because the service was ordered in December 2008 for the upcoming semester, the system was issued after mid-terms on 4.11.2009.

The supervisor was shocked that I found the malware/spyware 20 minutes after leaving the DETR office. As of this date the supervisor of the DETR is mute.

Original review posted by user Mar 15, 2012

This is for you MR. LOL; your social engineering will not work.

Are you a part of this global cyber gang? Hackers who are part of this FakeCD99 gang all LOL when I accuse them of cyber espionage, cyber stalking, and cyber bulling, and using my computers for cyber crimes. The digital forensic evidence collected proves that GEEK Squad and others in this cyber gang are committing crimes of cyber espionage from 2009 to the present. Cyber criminal stalking me are a part of a global gang of cyber criminal that has cyber terrorized me and my computers since August 23, 2001.

Digital evidence collected to this date is 8978 pieces of digital evidence. So Mr.

LOL are you a part of this gang who's trying to discredit me as a digital sleuth? You're BUSTED!!!!

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Wow, you need mental health treatment right away to treat your delsuions of being cyberstalked. Go ahead and accuse who you like. Accuse me, if you like, I will tell your Mom tonite to lock you up/


You are insane.

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