For $150 the geek squad at Best Buy did absolutely NOTHING to reduce the slowdown problem I have with my computer, AND after promising they would not delete anything without asking, they permanently trashed a folder full of stuff I wanted.

They ran a full suite of software to clean up the registry and remove unneeded files, but it did not make the slightest difference to my problem. This is not a subjective off-the-cuff "feeling" it is a statement based on two complex processes I run, one I/O bound, one CPU bound. Neither one of them ran even one second faster after their "tuneup"

Lucky for me, I had a CD backup of my files, but these people are not just incompetent, they are malicious !

Their service is useless.


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It's not cheap to be a dummy and own an expensive/complex electronic system. Be grateful that they exist at all to help you lesser beings.


I can see right now that many of these Geek Squad associates are narcissitic azzholes setting up trumped up charges to make money and take advantage of consumers!I hope that they get shut down soon.

My mom purchased a computer a month ago and the administrator password mysteriously does not work anylonger! She will have to pay $29 to have it recovered. I think that they did something to make the password that she setup inactive so that she would be forced to come back to them and pay more money!

I dont like the thought of them having that kind of control over her computer.Shouldn't the computer (brandnew) come with a recovery disk?


slowdown problem?what the f is that?

Sounds like your computer is just a pile of hillbilly junk. Add more RAM, maybe a new cpu.. $150 to clean up the registry?

Wow maybe I should work of the geeksquad.That is awesome.

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