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My son got a horrible virus on his computer from Myspace. It was causing the computer the run very slowly and it had nonstop pop-ups.

I was frustrated because when his computer is down he wants to use mine, and I need mine for work. I took it in to Best Buy's Geek Squad to have the virus removed and to have some updated virus protection installed.

When I went into the store, I told the salesman what was going on and he said he'd take care of the problem. While I was talking to the salesman, he kept trying to persuade me to purchase additional services like optimization and insisted I buy additional memory otherwise I'd have big problems.

I explained that its my sons computer, and that he doesnt use it for anything except music and social networking. He didnt need all the extra trinkets. He kept pushing the issue until I flat out told him if he didnt want to preform the services I asked for, and ONLY the services I asked for then I was taking my computer elsewhere. After that he was short with me and said the machine would be ready in tree days.

I have never been so disappointed with customer service.

If I go into Safeway to buy apples, nobody is going to pressure me into buying oranges as well. Three days later, I picked up the computer and the repairs were done, and I was charged 220 dollars. The services were done well, so I was pleased.

Later, while reading reviews online, I found a company called Secure Remote Support and called them completely out of curiosity, and was floored to learn their rates were MUCH lower than Geek Squad and they guarantee customer satisfaction or your money back. In the future Im taking my computer issues to these guys!

Review about: Geek Squad Customer Care.

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"You can only pick this up when surfing free p0rn sites." After 13 years of pc support I can say that this quote is completely false. And if you don't believe that Mulch, launch a search engine and type in "free, game crack." Then click on the links presented.


It's not a virus your son had. It's called spamware. It reads the cookies in the browser cash and generates popups. You can only pick this up when surfing free p0rn sites. Not myspace. Would be real good PR for myspace if it got out that you can get this from their site.

So yer son is surfing p0rn? I would suggest you have a talk with him.

OH and next time? Spybot Search and Destroy can get rid of those types of bots. And it's free!!

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