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Put it this way, Best Buy and Geek squad make it very hard to get a replacement product after getting the run around for 10 days. finally with a corporate person on the line and being routed to an agent who could help. They sent me just a case with no battery no stylus, no charger nothing but the case. Really, I was so upset that I sat there and looked at the package for a while. The worst ever. Never ever again. Never get talked into a geek...
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When he purchased it they sold him the geek squad protection plan. He wanted the AppleCare plan but the employees were persistent telling him the geek squad plan was much better. We continue to pay $10 a month for this plan. His phone had wifi signal issues in January. We paid the $150.00 to replace the phone. Which is the deductible for the geek squad plan. Today the phone wouldn't turn on at all. We take it to Best Buy thinking for sure we...
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