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The main drive (2 TB) on my desktop failed. I attempted to install a new drive (4TB) but ran into problems with my new computer recognizing it.

My computer saw that it was 4TB but could not access more than the first 2TB. After messing around with it, I decided to have Geek Squad resolve the issue. I was told that my computer was too old to handle a 4TB drive and was limited to a 2TB drive. And that the new drive was failing.

So, I opted to just take my computer back since my options appeared to buy a new computer to accommodate the 4TB drive or buy a new 2TB drive for an old computer. I was suspicious that a hard drive would fail right out of the box and software to check hard drives are plentiful, so I ran Western Digital's diagnostic software and it indicated that the new drive was fine. Then I just hunkered down with google and resolved my issue. I had to change BIOS to UEFI boot, convert the drive to GPT and reinstall windows.

Then my computer had access to the full 4TB drive. I complained and they were willing to refund $50 of the $150 service charge. The $100 spent on diagnostic servicing was nonrefundable since they ran diagnostics ... except that the generated diagnosis was wrong.

Best Buy stressed that there is no guarantee that a computer can be repaired when Geek Squad is employed for servicing. I assumed that meant that there is no guarantee that a computer can be repaired based upon the physical limitations of the computer. Sometimes IT has to give someone bad news. For example, "Sir, your computer system is obsolete and cannot physically perform the designated function" or "Ma'am, your computer has been irrevocably damaged and cannot be repaired." But it seems to also include instances when a computer cannot be repaired because Geek Squad is out of its depth.

I guess in the end I should consider myself lucky. If I had listened to Geek Squad and not done further research, I would have been duped into buying an unnecessary additional computer component or an entirely new computer.

Reason of review: Wrong Diagnosis.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Hi I am a certified computer technician and wanted to discuss with you that I admire that you took the steps to go and figure it out on your own.. Many people trust Best Buy's Geek Squad to fix your machine.

They are just regular people with no certification or educational requrements, I feel that this business is flawed. Based on my own experience as a technician and as a potential best buy employee.

I would refrain from visiting their store to get your work done. When I applied for a job as a technician at the local best buy they told me that I am "Better off in IT" in otherwords I am too competent because they wanted to hire someone to sell their products NOT fix their computers...

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