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I recently bought a brand new laptop from Best Buy. About a week after I took it home, the screen started having issues, it would go completely static for no reason. I took it back and got a new machine. Then, THAT brand new machine started shutting down up to 10 times a day, even after I took great care of it. I took it back, they said since I can no longer replace it for a new machine they would fix it for free, as I was still on the warranty.

Weeks went by and I called about the status. Turns out they couldn't fix it and sent it to ANOTHER Geek Squad. Another week passes and they call me...telling me that there's a SOUND problem that costs 200$ to fix!! "Oh, but we replaced your keyboard!" Woo-hoo, you replaced my keyboard on a NEW machine! I took the computer back, which had no sound, and got the sound back with my uncle's help, who works with computers. The keyboard is new but is sticking up on the side with the paint around the edges chipped from where they dug into it.

NEVER let Geek Squad touch your computer, ever! Not only will they damage your machine, they will charge YOU, even if its a brand new machine. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geek Squad Repair.

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I absolutly hated there service they wanted to replace my hardrive for a connection problem. Honestly I think there all idiots there. :( :( :( :( :(

I work for a geek squad in IA and I can assure you we are not all this way. All the ones here, including myself, all have some sort of degree, weather its MIS, Computer Science, or whatever but we all do.

I am not saying that all of the Geek Squad's are like us but I can promise we're not all like that one. Our turn time at our store to fix a HDD with discs provided(if they are not we will ask for them right away) is at most 2 days. If that, I fixed one today in 6 hours including the OS installation and updates with Antivirus installation. I don't want you to think that all geek squads are like this one, because they are not.

I've seen a lot of bad experiences with some geek squads and to me, it seems like yes some are the agent's not paying attention or being rude. However, when we get a client that is yelling at us for something THEY broke (like a screen) and its not covered under the Manufacturer warranty (not even our problem) that is no reason to be mad at us for something that we have absolutely no control over. We can only do what Dell, HP, Asus, Sony, etc.

tells us to do. Sometimes when you get mad, take a second to really realize what you're getting mad at and it our fault or are you being an *** for no reason?

to MajorGeek19 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #599583

Just a word of caution..........Hp laptops have a very bad history of overheating. It is a design flaw.

The video chip would overheat and cause a loss of video and other issues. I don't know if the newer models have fixed this issue or not.

I would advise you to buy a platform cooler to go under the laptop to help keep it cool. It's a $10 investment and could save you a lot of grief in the future.

to MajorGeek19 #893285

So sense you say that not everyone is like that. What do you suggest that i should do.

In my case I baugjt a tablet and i broke the screen. It was sent out for repair and i got it back not assembled corectlly. After i called the 1800 number the sent it back out and and now it came in worse conditions.

They say they cant do anything about it because it is not affecting the functionality of the tablet. I understand that but the service done to it was poor and the damages they did are unacepptable.

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