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When buying my Mac I purchased insurance coverage. Well my laptop broke in two when my children playing knocked it off a bookcase.

Somehow the tech (agent) misunderstood and said a car ran over it, just because it happen in garage? Now I am being told they will not replace it. What did I pay for insurance REALLY FOR? I am temped to take these theives to court......

Is that a option?

I want if not the same iMac a upgrade for my problems and headaches. I ended up having to "rent" one for $300 (open box price) till mine comes back.

AND- Now they won't fix it. I am beyond livid.....

Monetary Loss: $1250.

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File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota if you have had a bad experience related to computer repair. Also, If you have paid for your repair with a credit card, enlist the aid of your credit card company to obtain a refund. Call the customer dispute center of your credit card company and file a complaint.

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