I sent my HP laptop to Best Buys GeekSquad to have my cooling fan repaired which was under warranty.When I got it back, there were scuffs on the corners.

They also informed me that my WIFI drivers do not install, however the day i brought my laptop in, I had been using the WIFI everyday for close to a year. All they did was replace the cooling fan, now I cannot use WIFI.

They would not do anything but offer me a $130.00 charge that would "fix the problem" Why would they even run a systems check or touch my OS when all they had to do is fix a hardware problem.

They would not take responsibility for their mistakes and probably messed something up on purpose just to make more money.

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Never use Secure Remote Support. This is a scam.


Ive paid geek squad to do this for me before, it was a bad idea. I found this out because a company called Secure Remote Support, told me that they had messed up the settings and left me vulnerable to people getting into my wireless network, which could potentially be dangerous if people did things on their they werent supposed to. Stay away from Geek Squad.


OMG the exact same thing happen to me. Only it looks like someone dropped my computer because there is a gash inthe side now, scratches on the back, yellow paint, the took me software off that allows me 2 use my restore disk, now my laptop cuts off when I try to close my cd drive. that will be another month away to repair it

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