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My mom bought me a computer from Best Buy. Almost a year later, I started having problems with it. First the CD drive popped out and wouldn't go back in *i forced it in for safety*. I took it to the Geek Squad *mom had bought a 2 year warranty*. The guy looked at it, asked me if I had tried pushing the button to make it come out. Um...yeah. So they took it to fix, had it for a week, and I got it back with an ugly, but working, replacement. A month later, the whole thing started spazzing out...shutting off and on randomly and such. I took it back, and of course it didn't do it there, but they took it to look at it anyway. I called them a week later and the guy told me they hadn't done the diagnostic on it yet, but when they did, they'd call me and let me know what was wrong. I called another week later and they told me they had JUST done the diagnostic and the motherboard was shot and had to be replaced. Since I had the warranty, it was no cost to me. I got my computer back almost 3 months later. It was still messing up really bad, so I took it back and the head Geek told me I just needed a windows boot disk, which he gave me.

I realized that the warranty was expiring, and if they had to fix a computer 3 times in the warranty period they were required to replace it. I also realized that they were stalling to avoid replacing it. I took it to another Best Buy and told them what was wrong and they told me it sounded like the motherboard needed to be replaced. When I told them it WAS replaced...the guy told me he seriously doubted they did.

To make matters worse, I saw my store on an undercover investigation exposing rip-off artists...and that store was the worst of all profiled. I've since ditched my POS computer and warn everyone I meet to NEVER buy a computer from Best Buy!


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It's not cheap to be a dummy and own an expensive/complex electronic system. Be grateful that they exist at all to help you lesser beings.


I can see right now that many of these Geek Squad associates are narcissitic azzholes setting up trumped up charges to make money and take advantage of consumers!I hope that they get shut down soon.

My mom purchased a computer a month ago and the administrator password mysteriously does not work anylonger! She will have to pay $29 to have it recovered. I think that they did something to make the password that she setup inactive so that she would be forced to come back to them and pay more money!

I dont like the thought of them having that kind of control over her computer.Shouldn't the computer (brandnew) come with a recovery disk?


Sounds like you mishandled the laptop.The CD tray "Randomly Broke" then you jammed in back in.


My kids aren't getting their own computer until I send them off to college.Motherboards usually don't go bad unless the computer is handled poorly.


Then I bought a laptop and PC from Bestbuy and within a few months of getting my computers my laptop crashed so I had to send it back for a new system (personally, I think the computers systems are second hand when you buy them) then I had to pay $230 dollars for them to fix the PC which froze the moment you started up "but" it seems the PC is still having issues in that regard and I can't even save on word on my PC anymore!I took it in and they claim I have to pay another $230 more!

No way! I didn't go to college because I'm ***. Forget scam artists these are *** artists.

Best Buy will tank because noone likes lousy service, duh!I'm going to find someone local to fix my computer problem.


staples is the dirtiest outfit . beware of thier fake warranties and hp junk

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