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We have been with Geek Squad for about 2 years. We took out the lifetime guarantee for two. We had good service at first. Now, however, they call saying that security etc needs to be upgraded. We have purchased seperately the opitimization plan etc. Three months ago...
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You made a big mistake spending money on a lifetime guarantee from them. They sold you a program with promises and now that you did that, they want to sell you more and more--...

I liked
  • When we first joined
I didn't like
  • Expensive
  • Dinging my pc at 2am
  • Crooks
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My wife sent our computer to be repaired to the geek squad and we were given a tracking number to follow which stated that on September 25, 2013 it was back at the store that we took it to. I made an appointment to pick it up as they requested only to find out it was...
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Some Guy

So wait a tick, you are upset at Best Buy/Geek Squad because the TRACKING NUMBER which is generated by UPS was not accurate? You're the type of person who won't shop at a stor...


The appointment thing is a FAILURE and should be put to its DEATH. if they knew you had the Appointment for a Computer they sent out they should have called so IT DID NOT WAS...

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Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau's Online Complaint System. Filed on : July 10 2013 Filed by : Debra Filed against : Complaint Description: The store wiped my hard drive, tried to sell me a $200.00 service which they did for free after much complaining...
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I purchased my child a laptop for college and the next day the bulb in the screen blew pathetic. i took it back to the store for geeksquad to repair and they told me that the laptop will be back from repair on 1/4/2011. well it is now 1/14/210 10 days later, and i...
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Return/exchange policy = 14 days. Then you are covered under mfg or the service plan a.k.a. extended warranty which I will go out on a limb and guess that you opted not to pur...


I have to call you out on your lie. You did not return the next day with that. Why? Because BB has a 14 day return policy, which means if the screen was defective (which you m...

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