I took my computer to Geeksquad at Bestbuy thinking that they could fix the virus that I got into the machine and "frozen" all my files.

Well, the "smart geeks" said they could fix with no problem and would install a anti-virus better than Norton. I believed because I thought they were professional. How silly I was!!!!

They charged me 380.00 for installing the anti-virus and one CD with some of my files. nevertheless to say when I got home the computer never worked. I took back 4 times, and they told me they couldn't do anything, especially returning my money back. I fell robbed!!!

After so much aggravation I went to Walmart and got a new computer. because I complained so much, today, I am sure they are very happy for losing a customer! No more Geeksquad... You guys should go to a computer school first!!!!

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I can see right now that many of these Geek Squad associates are narcissitic azzholes setting up trumped up charges to make money and take advantage of consumers!I hope that they get shut down soon.

My mom purchased a computer a month ago and the administrator password mysteriously does not work anylonger! She will have to pay $29 to have it recovered. I think that they did something to make the password that she setup inactive so that she would be forced to come back to them and pay more money! I dont like the thought of them having that kind of control over her computer.

Shouldn't the computer (brandnew) come with a recovery disk?

Terrible when a store/GeekSquad has to resort to these tactics to make money.Furthermore Dell even stated that whatever was done at BestBuy by GeekSquad caused problem.How typical of these idiots to try to make snide remarks at consumers when they "know"that they are the real problem.


Alot of times my dear when you get a virus and then go and complain its a little annoying.You have a anti virus on there for a reason.

Use it! People complain that the anti virus software doesn't work but have you updated it and actually run it? Its not magical and turns on by itself. Then you get mad when your computer crashes.

Can't speak for geeksquad or any other tech center but if you had a problem with them before why did you return a second time?I can understand if something goes wrong and they try and fix it but why most everyone thinks you should get everything free by complaining?


Oh, and another thing....as for the geeks that posted their condescending comments in reference to the original article, it is so typical that computer savyy individuals belittle those that do not know about computers as much as they do.Hellooooo...that's what we pay technicians for!!!

That's why we get coverage for these type of things!!!!

If we didn't and we all knew how to resolve every tech problem, you wouldn't have a job and you unique talent would be reduced to mundane general knowledge!!How rich of you all to boat your tech abilities, probably the only thing you have left...get a life!!!


Best Buy and Geek Squad are the most repulsive of organizations when it comes to repair and customer service.I have been battling these people for years on their so-called repair service.

Aside from being treated rudely and ripped off at every instance, I have never brought in a computer that has actually been repaired. Two years ago I was without a computer for three months,

sending my unit back to the repair center for multiple repairs becasue every time it came back it was inoperable, and until I made numerous calls to customer service and the insurance company that underwrites their policy covering computer junkouts, I was given the worse runaround until I finally had to call the store, demand to speak to the manager and threaten with going to the press for the treatment I was receiving. Oh how coincidental that they decided to replace my computer that same afternoon!!! Three weeks ago I took my computer in for a seemingly minor problem (AC plug was not feeding power to computer) and I was told that it was a minor soddering issue.

The computer came back with the fans non-funtional, operating system was not loading and the casing was cracked as if someone had dropped it. I was given a replacement unit but was going to be charged $160 for loading the security software. I complained becasue they had basically destroyed my computer so they waved the fee but made me pay for the actual software (which out of courtesy for the hassle they should have...

The computer they gave me was on sale for $399 and upon observing the cashier, he was entering that the cost of my computer was $799 in order to charge me more for the warranty plan. I complained and they adjusted it, but if I had not been on my toes and proactive about my rights I would have been ripped off twice. When I called customer relations they basically told me that it is company policy to enter the price of the original junkout computer for insurance purposes, basically ripping me off with the insurance fee and admitting to insurance fraud since they are claiming to the underwritter that they are junking out an $800 computer, when they are replacing the product with a $400 computer. I believe they are crooks and prey on the working class consumer that need access to technology and services but does not have the financial means to for up a lump sum of money to replace a computer if it breaks down.

I am going to cancel the product warranty on the replacement computer, use the pc until it goes and I will never purchase anything from Best Buy again. Upon doing some web research it is alarming the amount of customers that have this same type of complaint.

In general their employees are belligerent and patronizing, aside from being ignorant and rude and overall incompetent.DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BEST BUY!!!!!!

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Maybe you should go to "computer school" and learn the basics of your own PC. Then maybe you'd know how NOT to get a virus. I swear, they should give people IQ tests before allowing them to purchase a computer.


Honey, maybe YOU should "go to computer school." Then you would be able to take care of your own computer, and not get viruses in the first place!

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