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I took my broken computer to the geek squad, ( I bought a $400 insurance along with my computer from geek squad). They told me that my hard drive crashed and that he would take 3 weeks to repair it. Fine a little long but I guess it gives you an insantive not to destroy your computer.

After 2 weeks and a half I came to the store to pick up my computer and the geek squad agents told me oups your motherboard has crashed to we need to resend it (first mistake). The agent told me we are going to resend it in express you'll have your computer in a week.

I got my computer 2 weeks and a half later (second mistake/lie). I go get my computer and the geek squad agent tells me oups we do not have the CD to re-install your operation system so we can't do it and you have to order one from HP (OK what the F... first you could have told me that earlier so I could get the CD earlier which would have avoided another useless delay second I had to buy a $30 cd)

So little analyze 99.9% of the computer won't crash the first 2 year and anyway you have the manufacturer warranty during this period. Now $400 of insurance + $30 of CD plus + 6 weeks of aggravation = do not buy geek squad insurance.

with the money and what the aggravation is worth I could have bought another computer better than my 2 years old PC or just took somebody else insurance.

How to improve geek squad services??? Ok repair faster, do not send back a broken computer, be more respectful of your clients time, do not lie to them and have a costumer services that apologize in action no just in words. If you tell me you are sorry and that you continue to mess up you have no credibility.

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The companies that make the computers don't ship them with recovery discs anymore. They let you burn them yourself.

Maybe your mom shouldn't have forgotten the password she put on the computer. Don't blame Geek Squad because of her dementia.


i brought my 2009 laptop for a cracked screen, brought it to geek squad had it repaired,came back with deep scratches, had to wait another 2 1/2 weeks,2nd time picking up my computer their was no WIFI connection, why i don't know! 3rd time something was wrong with the motherboard,4th time the carom didn't wouldn't eject my cd's.

Calling so many times best buy,consumer reports everyone doesn't keep their word! Finally i demanded a NEW COMPUTER AND THat is what i exactly got, after all the frustration i was not walking out with my original computer.

for all of you that don't after 4 attempts your entitled to get a new computer! fight until the end and satisfied.


I can see right now that many of these Geek Squad associates are narcissitic azzholes setting up trumped up charges to make money and take advantage of consumers! I hope that they get shut down soon.

My mom purchased a computer a month ago and the administrator password mysteriously does not work anylonger! She will have to pay $29 to have it recovered. I think that they did something to make the password that she setup inactive so that she would be forced to come back to them and pay more money!

I dont like the thought of them having that kind of control over her computer. Shouldn't the computer (brandnew) come with a recovery disk?


Hahaha $400 insurance? Jk, actually, I'm a Nigerian Prince and my family needs a small loan that we will pay back 10 fold, email me for details.

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