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Marina, California Best Buy, about July 15th, 2012:

1. 6 months after my computer purchase, my computer wouldn't switch on. I turned it into the local Geeks and they saw my receipt --they stated the repair would probably take two weeks. By performing my own simple data backup I saved myself the $100 they wanted to charge me (if they do the backup and the repair takes more than 30 days your data automatically DISAPPEARS...!).

2. Two weeks passed, and to my surprise the computer came back totally unrepaired, though their tracking datbase clearly claimed it had been. On the phone the local Geeks stated they couldn't do the repair because they doubted I'd bought the computer at Best Buy at all(?!).

3. I drove immedidately to my local Best Buy in Marina California and presented my receipt for the second time. They apoligized and suddenly their story changed --they'd LOST my receipt at their Kentucky repair facility. The local geeks stated they coudn't reach me, they couldn't find the copy they'd made of my receipt, and that by policy their national Kentucky repair experts can't keep a computer there for more than 2 weeks. Therefore they simply sent the computer back, unrepaired. Now....I don't understand WHY the computer needs to be accompanied by the receipt at each stage of the repair, but that's the claim they made....

2 weeks gone, computer criss-crossed the USA, and NO REPAIR. Also none of the repair tracking database entries that I was dutifully tracking corresponded to actual reality, i.e., "hey we didn't repair it..." and/or, "Whoops! We lost the receipt...."

4. Standing there in the store, the 24-ish caucasian blonde geek, "Mallorie" alleged they'd escalate my repair priority and overnight the computer back to Kentucky for repair. The associate wanted me to leave the store, stating she'd begin the paperwork after I left. Already stung once, I instead I stayed to make sure the paperwork was in fact initiated. Mallorie also stated it was not policy to give me any document showing my repair priority had been escalated, appearing annoyed at my request.

While I waited for Mallorie to initiate the paperwork I chatted with another customer, noting before I left that the Geeks had charged her $200 for a very simple virus removal.

5. Checking the Geek Squad tracking database 3 days later, the computer had not overnighted as promised. Indeed it had not been shipped at all. Note I was in a job search, and 18 days had already elapsed after I'd first turned the computer in for repair. I think it's reasonable that my repair priority had also not been escalated.

6. I emailed corporate, politely pointing out the inaction. Shipment was subsequently initiated, their database later showed. Ten MORE days later (we're up to 28 days here, now) it showed, "repair complete, picked up by customer". Puzzled, I called, pointing out I had no computer. Was it stolen?

7. The local Geek Mallorie stated over the phone, "It's a standard notation we make when we close your ticket (?). Our Kentucky facility experts determined that the motherboard failure was owing to water damage, something that is not covered by the 1-year manufacturer's warranty. But we can repair the computer for you for $350. Or we can send it back from Kentucky to you. Then we'll sell you a new computer and passage all your data from your old drive to your new drive for just $99. Also when we sell you a new computer note that for $160 you can buy 2 year coverage from us that would cover the risk of water damage..."

Note --there was NO water damage to the computer that criss-crossed the USA two times with no repair. That is an easy allegation that aims at avoiding responsibility, the same scam they tried to run after they lost my receipt ( we didn't sell you the computer --> sorry we lost the receipt)

I have gone nearly 1 month with no computer with assurances at every step that repair was proceeding smoothly.


1. Geek Squad is not timely in their work

2. Geek Squad doesn't handle paperwork or committments responsibly

3. Geek Squad service charges are very high --their solution for your every problem is apparently for you to pay them very much money

4. If Geek Squad suspects technicals will permit them to ascribe a computer problem to some cause not covered in a warranty, rest assured they will make that claim

5. RETAIN ALL RECEIPTS AND DOCUMENT YOUR COMMUNICATION WITH BEST BUY AND GEEK SQUAD, the better for litigation and/or a report the Better Business Bureau

Product or Service Mentioned: Geek Squad Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I'm both blonde and caucasian.

It's an honest description --the report protocol advises that the report be, "in detail".

It also says over 100 words.

I was being honest


What, exactly, does a "24-ish caucasian blonde" have to do with anything?? What snide/demeaning point are your trying to make?

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