The geek squad at the San Bruno location is NOT customer friendly, first of all. There is only one guy who knows what he's doing but is too busy to help.

No one wants to help. I always find myself standing there in front of the people who see me but don't say anything.

Last time I went, I needed to just open a file through powerpoint from online using the new Microsoft Office i installed but the guy was trying to make me pay like $60 basically because he didn't know what to do and wanted me to leave the computer overnight. Ridiculous.

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At least he offered you a solution. He was willing to research your problem and find a solution for you.

And $60 is not a bad price, that's probably the half hour labor rate charged to the customer.

Like you said, they were busy. And you wanted help with some program that they don't create.

You should have called Microsoft for help with your Microsoft product. I don't buy a chainsaw and then expect Walmart to tell me how to use it on their own time and dime.

The worst mistake you can make is to let Geek Squad touch your computer. Their policies are awful and customer care is non-existent.


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